Energy efficient windows = lower bills!

 Windows for energy saving: what to consider?

Windows for energy saving

To maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, one of the most effective energy saving interventions is undoubtedly the replacement of old windows with high thermal insulation windows.

Energy saving.

In a home about 25-30% of energy can be dispersed through windows, hence the importance of their thermal insulation capacity.

The degree of insulation, which depends on materials, glass and gaskets?

The presence of certificates that certify the excellence of the product?

Installation if carried out by professionals?

Let's analyze these aspects one by one.

Energy efficient windows = lower bills!

During the winter season did you notice that, despite the fact that the heating is always on, you can't keep the temperature constant?

This allows you to get high bills constantly, but not provide real comfort at home.

If you approach the windows do you feel streams of electricity and air coming through?

If you are thinking about your home, would you like yourself in this situation?

Maybe the problem comes from the windows.

Frames that do not have proper insulation can cause high energy consumption.

Have you ever thought that it might be time to replace them?

Energy-saving windows feature a high degree of thermal insulation to ensure optimum temperature in all environments without wasting energy.

The secret lies in the type of frames you choose and the installation system, which must be handled properly by the workforce.

Read on to find out what features your new windows should have to ensure maximum comfort and lighter bills.

Many people believe that in order to have a high energy efficient home we need large and expensive projects or, in the event of restructuring, invasive and radical interventions.

In fact, it is enough to install quality windows in order to achieve significant energy savings.

Energy-saving windows: what to consider?

The degree of insulation, which depends on materials, glass and fittings both.

The presence of certificates that certify the excellence of the product.

And that translates into savings of up to 30% on heating and air conditioning costs.

What does thermal insulation depend on?

Mainly from the materials used for the construction of the window.

With profiles from approved companies, ensure maximum energy efficiency in your home and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Synthetic pvc is a material with:

Low environmental impact.

Very long life cycle (modern synthetic windows last for more than 100 years)

Exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Alternatively, you can always opt for aluminum or PVC windows.

Warning: by installing high performance insulation windows you can benefit from a 40% tax deduction.

Glass is also vital when it comes to energy saving windows.

If your home is facing south, east or west, that is, exposed to sunlight, it is preferable to choose a glass that is able to keep the heat in the rooms during the winter months and not allow it to enter, during the summer .

Quality glass helps reduce energy costs and gives you an even more welcoming home.

And the savings share increases if you opt for larger glass windows that leave a great deal of natural light, reducing the need for lamps and chandeliers to light.

In some cases, even placing blinds or Venetian blinds in the glass can help to reduce consumption because they can be adjusted so that some light can enter but not direct heat.

The most efficient windows are characterized by special tires, such as those used in the automotive sector, with high elasticity.

The gaskets are essential for the complete insulation of the window, avoiding the formation of areas where noise, rain, humidity and hot or cold air currents can pass. windows, certified.

The presence of certifications serves to certify the quality of the component and its insulating properties.

The best windows are equipped with all European certifications required for doors and windows:

Insulation and airtightness.

Resistance to water filtration.

Resistance to wind stress.

Thermal insulation.

In addition, if you want to make your home an energy efficient building, you need to check that there are excellent quality solutions like passive house / STYLETECH.

This certification enables Class AAA windows to be identified immediately, those that meet the highest standards in terms of impact and energy efficiency.

Power saving components and peripherals:

Attitude is everything.

Have you purchased effective, certified and high performance frames?

Okay, you're on the right track to turning your home into a low-energy building.

Now, if you really want to save money, you need to install them properly from certified installers and company personnel.

Even the best windows, if not properly fitted, can cause leakage and airtightness problems, losing your investment. With the help of a professional, instead, you can count on windows that ensure the right interior climate throughout the year and make you save on energy costs.


STYLETECH's highly insulated windows provide greater energy efficiency and help save energy over time.

With a triple insulating glass, for example, you can save up to 900 liters of fuel at home.

This is good not only for the environment but also for the wallet.

Calculate the energy gain with the new STYLETECH windows.

Energy label - product labeling.

For a long time it has provided reliable information on the energy efficiency of glass and materials and now this applies to windows.

In 2005, the window and door sector in Athens launched the energy label for windows.

With the new energy label, STYLETECH, a trend-setting company, certifies the energy quality of its products.

STYLETECH was by far one of the first in Athens to be certified by FFF and SZFF / CSFF, as well as by the Energy Bureau.

STYLETECH has received product certification:

PVC windows, PVC-aluminum windows.

Aluminum windows.

Detailed information on glazing variants is provided here

Windows are divided into seven categories of energy efficiency from A to H.

The energy label classifies the most energy efficient and worst-case windows in Group A in Group H.

The label provides simple information about window systems that are particularly suitable for minimizing winter heat loss and energy gain.

Energy gain means space heating thanks to solar radiation.

Advantages of Class A:

excellent energy efficiency

high solar energy gain

high thermal insulation

less heating costs

more comfort

better quality housing


A STYLETECH window is a window that presents the most advanced technical levels, especially in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, non-condensation and sealing and above all a window that offers a good value for money.

It includes the following elements:

glazed energy

frame and sheet with the necessary material

fitting the window frame to the masonry.

Find out what we can do for your everyday places:

from doors to windows, from terraces to curtains, from mosquitoes to shutters to all the solutions that make your home safer.