Do you want an extra discount? Bring your friend!

Additional discount? Bring another friend for an offer!

We support each other - we support Greece!

Styletech has been in the field of aluminum and synthetic pvc frames for years, such as exterior and interior doors and windows, armored, third generation energy glasses windows, screens, shutters, shades, special constructions, railings and much more, in her own space in GREECE. We have been certified for years and with passion, we undertake the construction of aluminum and pvc frames, installation by specialized personnel - and I save at home - even complete renovations.

Due to the difficult case we are going through due to the coronavirus, the Offers Department and the whole Styletech are trying to think of special offers as we have all suffered a financial dehydration. As Styletech we always strive for the best to be by your side.

How many times have you wanted to do something in the same time with a friend, a relative or even a neighbor in your home but receive offers separately?
Tune in with your friends and get a special offer from us! Visit us in one of our spaces and we will serve you in detail each for his work, tailored to his own needs and desires, and if and when you wish to accept the offer both, the additional discount will be yours!

The above offer is one that will be available next season. It is important to support each other and especially to support Greek companies and Greek homes that have been affected by the current situation.

This year, everything we buy will be Greek! I support Greece!
This year, everything we buy will be Greek! I support Greece!